We Are Paradaze //

This journey started on a surreal after-party in a strange Macau casino bar. I was there on business and was sent a photo on my phone, of a person of interest. The message that followed said, "look for this person, he is also supposed to at the same place in Macau".

For the following hour, I was constantly looking at this photo while simultaneously scanning the room for any person matching the description. Suddenly, he appeared from nowhere, a person, very much looking like the "wanted" photo I got on my phone. So I walked up to him and said: Is this you?

A stunned and confused face looked back at me and said with some hesitation; Yes...

"A great, I am Jesper, you must be Oliver then!"

And just like that, I found a new business associate, that would later become a close friend and soon thereafter my business partner.

This is the story of how the two of us came up with a crazy idea to build an eco-resort in the Phillippines, and since then have been trying to make the dream come true.

The first 24 months //


After living in China for more than a decade I really felt like I was at a cross road. Part of me felt like maybe it was time to head back "home" to Sweden where I have my family and where I grew up. However, another part of me, the adventurous part that pushed me this far, told me to seek a new challenge. In 2017 I had discovered how much I liked Philippines, the culture, the people and the creativiy. So I simply decided to move to Manila for a while and see what I could do. I loved it. It was a bit of a hassle to get my dog over from China but once that task was completed I enjoyed every part of it. 


Soon thereafter I once again linked up with my now good friend Oliver and we decided that, since he was half Filipino, we could set up a company together and legally buy some land. This seemed simple enough right...


I was working and living in Taiwan at the time, working for a big corporation, but had been feeling that I wanted to do something new. After meeting up with Jesper back in the Spring of 2018 and taking a roadtrip to La Union, I felt like this gave me something that my corporate job has never given me. After I and him sharing a few (maybe a few more than a few) Pale Pilsen and a couple of bottles of Lambanóg we came up with the thought that we could probably start a business together and with that buy some land in the Philippines.

That all sounded easy but to tell a very long story short, it took me 6 months, 2 trips to Germany, and a few trees worth of paperwork to manage to become Filipino and get a second passport. This was imperative to the whole project and a major indicator how complicated things might get.

After that was done, it took us 14 months to get all the paperwork to properly set up the Filipino corporation. This is a story in itself and we will tell more about it in the future. Anyhow, before we managed to supply all the documents to the SEC of the Philippines we easily gave up 3 times. Only the lawyer fees about this quest mounted up beyond our expectations, so we wouldn’t stop. In addition, while we were waiting for the SEC approval we also already were in negotiations about land purchase. And thank god for that, because that was indeed another long story worth a whole chapter in itself. We also needed a bank account and easy as it might seem, it did take us another 6 months to sort out all the documents needed for that.


In the end, by the end of 2019, we got it all. The SEC approval, the corporate bank account, and the titles of the lands. Now we were ready to build!


Or so we thought.

By the end of 2019, we had built and created a lot less than what we anticipated back in 2018. But even though the journey has been long, we now feel like the accomplishments have been all worth it and we have come very far with our concept. The brand Paradaze is registered in Europe and also in Asia and while we have waited for paperwork we have managed to acquire almost a beachfront property and one farm property that we are very proud of. Currently, we haven't been able to finish any of our planned construction due to many reasons - drop-out contractors, slow suppliers, and most recently a pandemic!


But we don't give up….

Finding Paradaze is our Quest, our Dream and we work towards it every day, small or big steps doesn't matter. We Constantly keep on pushing and that will be the key to success…

Our Journey //

About Us //

The Present //

In the core of Paradaze lies the idea of a completely off-grid resort that can be self-sustained in any type of situation. To be able to accomplish this we need to be self-sufficient in electricity, water, and food. In line with this mission, apart from the beach resort, we also acquired a farm property. In all honesty, more of a jungle than farm but hard work makes progress. Now we have the chance to grow all kinds of organic produce and also include eggs and honey as some of our food supply.

In our vision electricity will be produced by an advanced solar power system and currently, we are also looking into a new type of windmills the make sure we have sufficient electricity even on cloudy and stormy days.

Currently we are growing all kinds of produce at our organic farm in San Juan. Ginger, rice, tomatoes, moringa, plus all kinds of herbs, are all on their way up. We hope that we will be self-sustained in just a few months.

But that’s not all - for an off-the grid experience the farm will offer possibilities of mindful experiences, smartphone free zones for digital detox as well as physical exercising. Farming, Muay Thai and other activities will help to make a psychological emergency brake and slow down life in order to escape the hectic Big City lives many of us are used to nowadays.

An elementary Part of that will be nutrition and we therefore focus on organic vegetables and herbs, as well as healthy dishes.

Our vision is that the program works miracles, giving your body and mind renewed vigour to return home to live life by your own design.

Our Journey //

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